Large selection of furniture bought ne... Large selection of furniture bought new in excellent condition


So, my girlfriend has just left me and I’ve been left with a lease that I can’t afford (as I was paying her share.) Because everything was in my name, I’ve been lumbered with all of the costs of surrendering the lease (an £800 internet TV disconnection fee) and I’m locked into paying the rent until December. So although I love this furniture, I can’t afford to hire a van, and have nowhere to store it. I bought it all brand new over the last year/few months and built it myself, and it’s all in excellent condition. I paid about £1.2-1.5k for the lot of it, and I offered to sell it to the landlord for £400, but he said no, he wouldn’t be paying for it, but that I was more than welcome to leave it behind. So I don’t want to leave one bit of it to him on principle. If you’re a landlord, or someone looking to make a quick buck by selling this furniture on, then stop reading now. I want to give this furniture to tenants or homeowners who will appreciate it. You would need to hire a van (~£100) if you wanted all of it - I’d help you with loading it up, and with taking the legs off the table so it’s more compact. The items I’m giving away are: 1x Noa and Nani Dining Table (expandable, with trestles installed) 4 x Noa and Nani Dining chairs 1 x Noa and Nani Bench/Coffee Table 1 x TV Stand (up to 55”) 1 x Bookcase with drawers 2 x Bedside chests (larger than the ‘bedside table’ version) 1 x Large Chest of Drawers 1 x Desk/Make-up table 1 x Padded stool (to accompany the above) 1 x Under-sink bathroom storage cupboard It only seems to allow me to upload one image - so please just message me if you’d like photos of the rest of the items. It’s all matching (cream coloured, with a beechwood coloured top) and in excellent condition. Thanks, Joseph

Listed on: 23 Aug 2020 13:03